Search Engine Marketing, Optimization and Submission.
Strategies for effective e-marketing.
Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, and Submission

What is Search Engine Marketing?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Search Engine Marketing?
It is the art and science of optimizing and positioning a web site to achieve top search engine rankings.

Why do I need Search Engine Marketing?
The top search engines generate over 345 million unique visitors each month. (Media Metrix, August 2001)
Acquiring a top placement will increase your site's visibility for qualified leads actively searching for your product or service - at a time when customers are likely to buy.

How do I justify a Search Engine Marketing Budget?
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Forrester Research reported that over 80 percent of Internet users reach sites through search engines. (July 5, 2000)

A study from NPD Group found that search listings are more effective than standard banner or button advertisements when it comes to brand recall, favorable opinion rating and inspiring purchases. (Feb 14, 2001)

How much does a Search Engine Marketing Campaign Cost?
A professional search engine marketing campaign can be customized to fit your budget. Pricing is based on which directories we submit to, the quantity of keywords and optimized pages, on-going maintenance, and monthly reporting. Search engine marketing is flexible - anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

What are the steps in a positioning campaign?
1. Keyword Research and Development.
2. Site Analysis and Content Optimization.
3. Create content to attract search engines spiders.
4. Registration with Search Engines and Directories.
5. Complete site indexing.
6. Monthly Placement Reports and on-going maintenance.
7. Real-time visitor and search engine tracking.

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